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ADE Mission Statement and Commitment

Mission Statement:
To promote the sustainable management and conservation of global marine ecosystems, develop aquaculture and mariculture
programs for the protection of the environment, and contribute to rural communities through training and economic support.

Statement of Commitment
Aquaculture Development for the Environment is committed to:
Implementing global conservation and sustainable management of marine ecosystems.
Supporting responsible local management of marine aquaculture resources.
Educating industry and community in harvest, husbandry, and best handling practices of marine aquaculture systems.
Promoting responsible, sustainable and viable industry management and markets for aquaculture products.
Contributing to economic growth through sustainable development, ecotourism, public awareness, and improved local stewardship of coral reefs.
Developing programs that contribute to understanding global warming issues through research and development of a more resilient coral reef;
Establishing and maintaining reef restoration and rehabilitation programs.
Advancing and trading ideas and concepts with government, community, and industry stakeholders.

To establish a reef restoration and research project in Fiji that would train local villagers in the technique to replant coral fragments taken from donor brood stock and record the success of increased habitat in at least 45 different sites, at the rate of 15 villages per year, producing 12,000 pieces of new coral in each site annually by the year 2019.