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Through your generous contributions through ReefProject2 we will be able to continue our Dream Project work of coral propagation and replanting on the reefs in Fiji.
    For the founder of this project, funded by ADE, this work is not a newly formed idea that has yet to be tested. Walt Smith established the world’s first commercial coral farm back in 1998. Since then the success of this original idea has led others to follow in many countries throughout the tropical and subtropical world where coral reef exist.
    However, the Marine Aquarium trade has its commercial limits and Walt’s vision to do more for the environment and the people far exceed that which he can bring to the trade. At this time there are a total of four active farm sites and the largest site has five different and diverse sections. On average there are about twenty corals growing for every one that is brought to market. This leaves the remainder of the corals to be planted on the nearby reefs.
    So far the industry itself has been able to support this activity through the sales of the corals chosen for market but we want to do more.
    The past 16 years have proved that coral farming works and remote villages can earn an income from participating in this activity after being trained by the Walt Smith team of experts. However, this additional expense can no longer be supported by an industry that has already reached market saturation.
    Through your generous contributions we will be able to advance this effort to many other villages and pay those same people to grow coral and plant those corals on their reef for future generations to come.
    It is Walt’s dream to see this ambitious project spread to at least 45 different villages throughout Fiji where each village is capable of planting 1,000 pieces of new coral every month. This is not guesswork or an over inflated estimate. We have been successfully doing this very thing for the past 16 years.
    Once we have reached this target that would mean over 500,000 new coral colonies every year that would spawn exponentially thus increasing biomass to the reef which would also mean increased habitat securing a food source in the future for participating villages. This fact along with providing a much needed income to remote villagers is reason enough pursue this ambitious dream.
    In the future these coral propagation and reef rehabilitation sites will be widely accepted as the world’s largest and will be able to attract many different types of scientific study and research projects that would help provide a better understanding of our vast frontier under the sea.
    Once this happens the project would be self sustainable by charging a fee to various scientific groups and organizations to visit the site or sites for the purpose of observation and recording the findings aligned with their particular scientific agenda.
    If you choose to be a part of this worthwhile project you will have the quiet satisfaction in knowing that you are part of a team that is doing something positive for our environment, science and impoverished people in remote villages throughout Fiji.

We humbly thank you for your generosity and vision to be a part of this dream,
Walt Smith

How to contribute:
At the bottom of this page, click on the Donation button.
You will be taken to a secured page on PayPal where can fill in your donation amount and credit card information.

Donor categories:
Bronze level $25
Silver level $50
Gold level $100
Platinum level $500 or more

Special donor category:
Golden Reef $10,000 - $25,000
Neptune’s Elite $25,000 and beyond

Dear Friends of the Environment,
Contributions are starting to roll in and we are humbly grateful for your support. We are currently creating a page that will track the donations and what they have allowed us to accomplish so far. You will see a map of the Fiji reefs and the villages that live along them that we are helping. Our goal is the reach 15 villages during 2016 and you will be able to watch the progress on this page.
    Any level of contribution is welcome and tax deductible. A certificate of appreciation will be awarded to you upon receipt of your generosity showing the amount of your contribution for your records. Regular monthly contributions can also be set up through your credit card on file..