Friend of the Sea Logo, ADE Project Fiji Donor

Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea is a project of the World Sustainability Organization for the certification and promotion of seafood from sustainable fisheries and sustainable aquaculture. It is the only certification scheme which, with the same logo, certifies both wild and farmed seafood. […]

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Big Al's Logo, ADE Project Fiji Donor

Big Al’s Canada

In Business for over 40 years, Big Al’s Aquarium Services Ltd. has grown from a small service company to a chain of 14 stores across Canada. In 1999 we recognized that with an e-commerce division backed by our vast buying power and huge inventory, over 21,000 products, we could offer our customers not only great […]

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Eye Catching Coral Logo, ADE Project Fiji Donor

Eye Catching Corals

Eye Catching Coral is wholesaler of Live Coral and Fish from Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other desirable areas. We are recognized as the industry leader in high quality coral and fish. […]

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Exotic Reef Imports Logo, ADE Project Fiji Donor

Exotic Reef Imports

As one of the world’s largest distributors of live aquatic animals, we take pride in making only the finest quality and variety of marine animals available to our wholesale customers worldwide. With almost 24 years of experience in the industry to draw from, we offer unsurpassed customer service from our 100,000+ gallon facility just blocks […]

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