Martin Moe in Lab. ADE Project Fiji, What the Experts Say

Coral Reef Restoration

We all very much want to restore coral reefs. We want to restore them in every place where they currently exist and are trying to maintain that existence, and where they have recently existed. It would be wonderful if we could do that […]

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Martin Moe, Coral Reef Expert. ADE Project Fiji

The Problems with Coral Reefs

Martin is one of the original pioneers in our industry. I can remember reading one of his first books back in 1972. That book has since become a “go to Bible” for new hobbyists setting up aquariums to fully comprehend the science involved. Martin’s contributions over the years are countless and we are honored by his contribution here. Working for more than 20 years on the Diadema urchin problems (disappearance) has led to a better understanding of the importance of all relationships in coral reef ecology […]

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Coral reef racks on coral farm, ADE Project Fiji

Why Plant Corals on a Dying Reef?

A lot of people ask the question that makes perfect sense and raises concern … “why plant corals on a dying reef?” However, nature has a twist to that seemingly obvious outcome. Please allow me to share my experience with coral farming in Fiji since 1998 […]

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Bruce Bio Picture

Points of View

I know you have been reading all the comments on Coral-List as Iʻm sure Walt and Deb too, regarding the efficacy of reef restoration projects. I kind of think of it like a fallow field restored to its natural state through years of carefully planting the appropriate trees and other plants […]

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Buckets used by ADE Project Fiji for coral plugs

Why Donate to ADE Project Fiji

The ADE project to rebuild and restore some of Fiji’s most damaged marine habitat will have a significant impact on the local economy, food security, complex biodiversity, gender equality, and, to some degree, a chance to observe global warming resilience trending on a much larger scale than ever attempted before […]

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