Helen Skyes, ADE Project Fiji Outside Consultant

Helen Sykes

Outside Consultant

Helen Sykes is the principal of Marine Ecology Consulting (Fiji) Ltd, a Fijian private sector company working in assessment and sustainable use of the coastal marine environment since 1998.

Engaged primarily in environmental impact assessment, community-based marine management and sustainable tourism development across Fiji and within the South  Pacific region, her research interests include reef fish biodiversity, and  long-term sea water temperature and coral reef monitoring as one of the Fiji coordinators of the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN). She has authored and contributed to multiple management plans for marine managed areas and international collaborative publications on marine biodiversity and conservation.

With a background in diving tourism in the Caribbean, Central America and Fiji, Helen has dived in most regions of Fiji and has in-depth personal knowledge of most reef types and populations across the country.