ADE Project Videos

Award-winning Ecotourism Experiment

Between 2004 – 2009 our first ecotourism experiment (at Hideaway Resort) proved to us that visitors to Fiji were indeed interested in our coral farming efforts and wanted to help out. This project won the International Ecotourism Award from Skal International in 2007.

Planting approx. 1,200 new Coral Clones from several Donor Colonies

This video shows the result of planting about 1,200 new coral clones from several donor colonies and placed them in this holding tank to stabilize before taking them out to the farm site the next day. They will all eventually be planted on the nearby reef once they show us some growth achievement.

The Walt Smith Story

How an Industry can evolve into wonderful and sustainable ideas with surprising results!

In my Neighborhood

ADE Trailer Video

Saving Fiji’s Coral Reefs