The ADE Project Mission Statement

To promote the sustainable management and conservation of global marine ecosystems, develop aquaculture and mariculture programs for the protection of the environment, and contribute to rural communities through training and economic support.


Walt Smith, a pioneer in the Marine Ornamental industry since 1972 began experimenting with replanting coral fragments in 1998 on the reefs of Fiji. With these beginning experiments showing almost immediate success he and his wife Deborah decided to expand these experiments to other parts of the reef and now occupy 9 sites both in the West and North of the Fiji Islands group. Since that time they have planted and recorded over 1,200,000 newly planted coral fragments.

There are now plans in place to expand to a much larger scale that will eventually include up to 45 different village sites.


In this section we will keep you updated with the most relevant reports and essays, written by some of the world’s most recognized authorities in Coral Reef Conservation. Their “points of view” may help you understand the drive and passion behind our mission.

What We Do


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